Sunday, 13 December 2020

Dance Season 2020: Isabella Oberländer

Our final Dance Season interview features Isabella Oberländer.

What was it that motivated you to become a dancer?


Through dance, I find space, resonance and community - essential basics of being alive. Through movement, I find opportunities to navigate our worlds, our existence.



How have the recent restrictions affected your process? 


Rapture, Cancel, Pause, Adapt, Postpone…….……Question, Question, Question.


More than anything else over the last months, the continued tread has been about asking questions - the continued surfacing of quandaries and the seeking out of the space where these dilemmas may be worked with.


What is the future of dance as an art-form? 

How does one practice dance during a pandemic? 

Can dance and embodiment help us navigate these times? 

When will…..


Questioning and Dancing - Dancing and Questioning 

I allow the questions bubble up in my dancing and the dance bubble up in my questioning.


Move in the now, stay in the doing.




Keep practising!



In a few words, describe how this latest performance makes you feel when you are performing? Also, is there some feeling you hope to evoke in the people watching? 


‘Glisten’ offers an invitation, an opening into what is already felt but not yet visible. 

What does it take to imagine a realm for multitudes - a speculative future?


And what are your hopes?



For people eager to get started in the dance world, is there any advice you could give them? 


Ever so often - just dance your heart out - even if you end up crying in your kitchen.



If people wanted to check out more of your work, where could they go?


I am currently working on a new homepage, which fingers crossed will be ready in early 2021. In the meantime, you can find me on  to stay in touch. 

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